What happens in an Old Time Jam?
1. Sit in a circle with other musicians
2. Most Old Time is in D, G, A, or C. The chords are generally the I, IV, and V, and sometimes the related minor. We stay in one key for awhile, banjos and some fiddlers retune for each key.
3. Usually a 32 measure tune divided into two parts that are repeated twice each (AABB)
4. We play together the entire time, individual breaks do not happen in Old Time. We play each tune through many times, as we are learning new tunes through playing.
5.  We send out a Tune of the Month every month. All of them can be found here: Playlist
     You can be added to our email list by requesting at FreeholdOTM@gmail.com 

Here are some of the tunes we play-there are always new ones coming though!

D Tunes
Angeline the Baker, Arkansas Traveler, Ashoken Farewell, Black Eyed Susie, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Briarpicker Brown, Camp Meeting on the 4th of July, Chinese Breakdown, Coleman’s March, Cuckoo Nest, The Cuckoo Dm, Duck River, Eye of the Beholder, Fisher’s Hornpipe, Flop Eared Mule, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, Forked Deer, Harvest Home, Hewlett, Hop High Ladies, Indian Ate a Woodchuck, Jaybird, John Ryan’s Polka, Johnny Don’t Get Drunk, Julia Delaney’s Dm, Julianne Johnson, Kicking up the Devil on a Holiday, Liberty, Mississippi Sawyer, Morpeth Rant, Needlecase, Over the Waterfall, Peacock Rag, Petronella, Pig Ankle Rag, Porter’s Reel, Possum’s Tail is Bare, Ragtime Annie, Red Hills Polka, Road to Boston, Sadie at the Backdoor, Sal’s Got Mud, Sarah Armstrong’s Reel, Snake River Reel, Soldier’s Joy, Spotted Pony, St Anne’s Reel, Staten Island Hornpipe, Swannanoa Waltz, Valley Forge, Waiting for Nancy, West Fork Gals, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Wind That Shakes the Barley, Winder Slide, Year of Jubilo

G Tunes
Been to the East/West, Big Scioty, Blackberry Blossom, Southern Aristocracy, Crooked Stovepipe, Cuffy, Duck’s Eyeball, Elk River Blues, Flowers of Edinburgh, Golden Slippers, Green Willis, Henry King’s Reel, Margaret’s Waltz, Moon Behind the Hill, Nail That Catfish to a Tree, Off to California, Old Grey Cat Em, Old Yeller Dog, Possum on a Rail, Rakes of Mallow, Redwing, Roscoe, Seneca Square Dance, Shove The Pig’s Foot, Stoney Point, Temperance Reel, Turkey in the Straw, Whiteface

A Tunes
Bill Cheatham, Booth Shot Lincoln, Campbell’s Farewell, Cherokee Shuffle, Cluck Old Hen Am, Cold Frosty Morning Am, Cousin Sally Brown Am, Cripple Creek, Greasy Coat Am, Growling Old Man Grumbling Old Woman, Hangman’s Reel, John Brown’s Dream, June Apple, Kitchen Girl Am, Old Joe Clark, Old Mother Flanigan, Pretty Little Dog Am, Red Haired Boy, Richmond, Sally in the Garden Am, Salty River Reel, Sandy Boys, Shenandoah Falls, Squirrel Hunters, Sweet Nell, Tipping Back the Corn